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When I first started lessons with Lauren I hadn't ridden in a few years. She listened to my experience and empathized with my nervousness. The way she cares about the horses became clear within the first few minutes. She wanted to make sure that both of us would be safe working together. She helped me build my confidence. After a few lessons with her I decided to have her teach my sons. They were 7 and 5 at the time and had never ridden. I knew she would be patient with them and her positive attitude would be good for them. They love her. They've learned not just how to sit in the saddle but how to care for the horses. She's good at knowing when to ask more of the boys and when not to push.

Christina | Dixon, CA

Lauren is the best riding instructor I have ever had. Here are just a few of the many things I appreciate about her:

- She has so much knowledge and experience that she can teach you anything you want to learn, can teach at any level, and is open to teach on any topic. For example, in addition to riding lessons, I have asked for lessons on how to wrap a leg, the history and reasoning for different mane styles along with how to pull manes, and even had lessons on the whys and types of different bits.

- She is a fantastic listener and will take what you share with her and with that knowledge create wonderful, tailored lessons

- She is a kind and compassionate person, both with the riders and the horses

- She is a very positive and inspiring person

- She is an amazing coach for instructors, making herself available both in person and over Zoom, phone calls, etc. I credit much of my success as an instructor to Lauren's guidance


She has helped me grow as a rider, instructor, and person

Debbie | Davis, CA



Lauren is a fantastic trainer. My 10 year old daughter rides regularly with Lauren and has made great progress. Lauren is both a horse person and a people-person, effortlessly building rapport with students, all the while getting them to work hard. Lauren breaks down concepts in a way that is easy to understand. She patiently, yet firmly, instills important foundational skills, building riders up in a manner that allows them to continue to improve. My child always ends her lessons with a big smile on her face and having learned something. I whole-heartedly recommend Lauren!

Anissa | Davis, CA

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