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Lessons & Training


I am passionate about teaching English riding and ground work fundamentals, and believe that a solid foundation is vital for both horse and rider. My expertise lies in developing well-rounded horsemen and women who not only build skill and education in the saddle, but also on the ground. I currently do not have lesson horses available. For students with their own horse, I currently have clients at Russell Ranch, Old Davis Stables, Baker Ranch, and Flying Horse Farms in Davis, CA, and TROTR in Woodland, CA. I am am willing to travel within a 10 miles radius of Davis.



Just like with my riding students, I am passionate about providing horses with a solid foundation under saddle and on the ground. I believe in treating the horse as an individual and working with their owner to find a training program that works best to meet the horse's needs, as well as their owner's goals. I have been very fortunate to ride in a number of disciplines under a number of different trainers, and over the years have formed an approach that I think suits the horse well. Utilizing classical training methods infused with modern methodology with equine behavior and welfare in mind, my goal is to help create and maintain a happy athlete and partner in our horses. I believe in a whole horse approach, and that there are many contributing factors to your horse's ability to work effectively, and we need to consider all of these factors. I work closely with body workers, saddle fitters, chiropractors, veterinarians, farriers, and other equine professionals to ensure that the horse is comfortable in their body and mind. A horse who is comfortable in their body and mind is a horse who will be able to be confident and relaxed, which will allow for their ridden and groundwork education to flourish.  

I currently have a wait list for lessons and training. Please contact me if you would like to be added to the wait list.

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