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Equine Endeavor

20 Facts About Me

I was not planning on turning this into a blog post, but I read one of these written by a friend of mine (Kelly from Hunky Hanoverian) - and loved getting to know her a bit better. So here is my best attempt at 20 facts about me.

1. I have a degree in Animal Science (with an equine emphasis!) from UC Davis. I am admitted to and will be attending Midwestern University's College of Veterinary Medicine in Glendale, Arizona, starting in August 2019. Being a veterinarian has been my 'calling' since I was born.

2. I have owned 3 horses in my life. The first I owned was Dante, whom my parents bought for me when I was 12. My dad sold his 3 snowmobiles in order to afford him! Dante was a 1995 16.3h American Warmblood. I owned him just shy of 10 years, he was euthanized on December 26th, 2017.

3. My second horse was a 14.3h 2010 Arabian mare named Zetta, who was actually purchased for my sister. My sister quickly decided riding was not for her, and Zetta became mine until I left for college and gave her to a friend, since I could not afford to bring both Zetta and Dante with me to UC Davis.

Zetta in 2013

4. Gallon is my current horse, a 2005 16.2h thoroughbred gelding who I adopted from CANTER California in April of this year.

5. I am incredibly intrigued by equine welfare and geriatric equine medicine. I am passionate about the unwanted horse population, and the horses that "fall between the cracks". I hope to focus part of my veterinary career there, and donate some of my services to non-profits. If all goes well, I hope that I can open a non-profit equine retirement facility by the time I retire. I would call it 'Against the Wind Farms' - Against the Wind was Dante's show name.

6. If I weren't wanting to be an equine veterinarian, I would be a feline veterinarian. I love cats. My current cat is named "Bagheera", or "Baggy" for short - named after the panther in The Jungle Book.

Me and my first cat, Cosmo, in the 90s

7. Another passion of mine is wildlife. I interned as a zoo keeper aide at the Sacramento Zoo while in college after years of being intrigued and inspired by wild animals. I cried the first time I saw their tiger up close (obviously was very low key about it so I wouldn't embarrass myself!). If I have an opportunity to work with exotic animals again sometime in my life, my heart will be full. I donate to WWF whenever I have an extra dollar.

8. Stemming from my last fact, Steve Irwin is a huge inspiration of mine! I hope every day to live my life with the same vivacity that he had. All the emotion, passion, and feeling he put into his work is all I aspire to be able to do and convey to others.

9. I love to travel. Love. To. Travel. For me, it's not just seeing new places and experiencing new things, it's about seeing the way other people live and interact around the world. It amazes me and humbles me. Three places on my travel bucket list? Australia, Matterhorn Mountain in Switzerland, and Africa.

Visiting Holland in July 2018

10. I was born on Valentine's Day.

11. I believe that if a ladybug lands on you - it's good luck.

12. My lucky number is 19. I can't actually tell you why, but it's been my favorite number since before I was 10 years old. I want to get married on September 19th. 9/19 is a cool date to me!

13. Speaking of weddings, I love everything about them. I want a big wedding, whenever I get married!

14. Disneyland is one of my favorite places - and I am not a fair-weathered Disney fan. I have been a Disney girl since I was born! My parents started taking me to Disneyland when I was an infant. I currently have an annual pass and go as frequently as possible. I've also been to Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris.

15. I love discussing controversial topics. Not because I usually have a strong opinion (even though sometimes I do), but because I love to gain insight to multiple opinions and educate myself from there.

16. I met my boyfriend in high school, but since he is two years older than me we did not start dating until I started college. He went to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and currently works as an engineer in the SF Bay Area. His name is Ian.

17. I love tea, and became a snob about it after spending a summer in England. There is such a thing as good tea, and bad tea. They are very different! English Breakfast is my favorite. I don't much like green tea.

18. My parents are both from near Santa Barbara, California and have never left the country. Nor have they been to the East Coast! We travel to Hawaii every year and that is about the most traveling my parents do.

19. I worked as a stallion manager for UC Davis in the 2018 breeding season. I managed a rose dun mammoth jack donkey named UCD Actions Protege - "Protege" or "Pro" for short. I learned how to breed mares, and a couple that I bred will be foaling in the spring of 2019. I have a new love for donkeys and mules, and hope to adopt some from the BLM someday.

Protege and I

20. I love music. Basically all of it, except for rap music. I think it's a beautiful art form; I am pretty much constantly listening to music. Some songs remind me of specific moments of my life, ones that mean a lot to me!


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