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Equine Endeavor

As A Stallion Manager

Updated: Sep 20, 2018


The beginning on the week started off a bit rough. On Friday, we had gotten talked to about making sure the chores around the barn were getting done, but not a lot got done over the weekend, so when the stallion managers showed up for their meeting at 10, we all got in trouble with Kelli, and cleaned pens for the duration of the meeting. I had to go to class after the "meeting" was over, but the other stud managers palpated the mares that were on the list and Roz ovulated, which was perfect since she was bred to Handsome the day before.

Shemariah was placed on every 6 hour ovulation checks since he follicle had grown quite large and her uterine edema had come up. The every 6 hour checks were 10AM, 4PM, 10PM, and 4AM until she ovulated. Shemariah is going to be bred to Bas Blanc, a deceased stallion. Since he is deceased, we only have frozen semen; therefore, we have to breed her as soon after ovulation as possible via a deep horn insemination.

We exercised the stallions as soon as I got out of class, except for Protege because he had driving work all week with the UC Davis Draft Horse & Driving Club.


I was the lucky one who got to scan Shemariah at at 4AM with the help of Julia. She didn't ovulate, of course, so we went home and came back to the barn around 7:30 in the morning to collected Handsome. Kelli handled and I collected. It was my first time collecting him, and it went well. He goes in a Missouri model AV, so it was good to learn about a different AV and how to build it. He had to mount twice, and I had to do a lot of manual stimulation, which was... interesting. But - we were successful and and did a semen analysis to make a fresh and cooled dose for the ANS 2 class.

At 2PM, all five of us met to tease all of the mares and that went really quick, which was nice. All of the studs got exercised, too!

I did 10PM check on Shemariah with Julia again, and again, she didn't ovulate.


On Wednesday, Smarty finally went home. I didn't have to do the 4AM check because the boys did. Julia and I did 10AM check on Shemariah and then scanned Holly and Coco.

We decided roles for Picnic Day for our live cove demo, and I will be handling Dun. I am not too worried - I know he will probably act more like a stallion than he usually does, but I feel confident in my ability to control him. He side-steps a lot in the breeding shed, so I might have that as a problem, but I don't have any bad feelings about it. I am confident in Dun being a relatively good boy.

I also confirmed I would be at Mule Days Monday-Thursday in May with Protege for English and driving classes - woohoo! I can't wait to watch Protege do really well. I have all the confidence in the world in him. I wish I rode western so I could show him.


Shemariah still hadn't ovulated by Thursday, so I did 4AM ovulation check with Izzy since Julia left town for the weekend. She didn't ovulate still, so I went home until around 7:30AM when I got to the barn to collect Dun - I handled, Jake collected. We got a collection in one mount and the semen went to the animal science department for ANS 2. We palpated two mares after collecting.

In the afternoon, I took graduation photos with Protege and around the barn. (Photos to come - hopefully within the next week!)

Later, I did a 10PM check on Shemariah, still no ov.


At 4AM, the boys found a lovely heart-shaped follicle, but she still hadn't ovulated. At 8AM, I got to the barn for my one-on-one meeting with Amy & Kelli. I brought everyone donuts - I thought 15 would be enough (not including myself), but next time I will definitely just buy 2 dozen. My one-on-one meeting went really well, and I left feeling very positive about everything. (I already feel positive about the internship of course, it's been a great experience, but I felt like I had a great conversation with Kelli & Amy and that made me super happy). After my meeting, we got a big group and took all the horses on the west side of the barn out to pasture or put them in the mare motel. At 10AM, we ultrasounded Shemariah, and she finally ovulated! We successfully bred her to a frozen dose of Bas Blanc. We will check for a vesicle in two weeks.


On Saturday, I spent quite a bit of time at the barn. I initially went out and cleaned five mare motel stalls, blew out the barn, and cleaned the stallion's stalls. I also turned out Handsome for some exercise. I went and ran some errands, and then came back to the barn to feed dinner with Janna.


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