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Equine Endeavor

Back on Dante's Back

On Tuesday of this week I decided to get back on Dante for the first time since he fractured his stifle. I'm kind of at a point where it has to do with his quality of life, and with the fact that I just lost Sunny.   He was feeling really good, and I guess it kind of goes against the vet's wishes... But I don't know how much longer I'm going to have him.  And he loves being ridden... It's not fair for the big beast to be stuck in a 12x12 stall with an attached 12x12 paddock. So regardless of what anybody has to say to me, I think I am making the right decision.  I think Dante is going to be much happier too.

Our ride Tuesday wasn't much, but being able to walk him around was awesome.  I missed being on his back so much. I was trying to explain what it felt like to be back on his back to one of my friends who just got into horses and it was kind of difficult.  It was kind of like there hadn't been a 6 month gap at all... He's such a great horse.

I rode him on Friday as well, and that was even better than Tuesday. He was wild and even tried to romp with me several times! I love when he's wild these days. I don't know when I'll ride him again, but I'm going to slowly try to ease him back into it and see how everything goes.

The vet is coming out to do an exam on him on Wednesday, so hopefully that goes alright!


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