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Equine Endeavor

Dante, Lessons, & Stanford Show

Dante is doing much, much better.  He is off of bute (has been for 2 weeks now!), has his stall door opened once again so that he can access his paddock, and we go on walks every day.  He's gotten so frisky lately, that I've actually just turned him out and let him play a bit.  He seems so happy and has so much fun.  I'm hoping that he will be pasture sound soon... I can't wait to see him out there having fun with other horses again.

He got his shoes done yesterday for the 2nd time by our new shoer in Davis. He was so wild (again) that the shoer wasn't able to even keep any of his legs up to trim let alone shoe.  The vet happened to be out there, and they insisted on giving him a high dose of drugs.  I almost cried.  I hate drugging him, and I hate that they seem to be so drug-happy out there.  I would have much rather twitched him or something... I think he's just wild because he's been stuck on stall rest and can't really get any exercise.  Poor baby.  Like I said, can't wait for him to be out in a pasture so he can blow off some steam.

My lessons with Ryan Oropeza have been going pretty well.  I rode a couple horses I wasn't too crazy about this week.  They were fine, but one was just super crooked and the other one was really heavy on the forehand and pulled me forward quite a bit.  I found out last Friday that I was the only freshman selected to show this weekend at Stanford, which is PRETTY cool!  I was super stoked.  I had a mini crisis because my tall boots don't fit, but my mom, best friend and I got it handled and I now have all my stuff ready to show in tomorrow!  It's a 2-day show so the whole UCD H/J team is heading down there early tomorrow morning and then half of the team will show Saturday, we'll all spend the night together at a hotel, have a team dinner, and the next morning get up early and the 2nd half of the team will show.  One of the upperclassman selected to show couldn't make it, so my favorite girl on the team so far, Charlotte, got asked if she wanted to come.  So now we are the 2 freshman! I think we are going to have a pretty good weekend!


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