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Dante News & First H/J Team Lesson

On Monday after my Animal Science class in the morning, I got a call from Dante's veterinarian at the UC Davis Large Animal Clinic and she told me that they could fit Dante in that morning for a sonogram, but that he had to be brought in.  Of course, to make my life difficult, I don't have a trailer. But, the vet hospital is literally right across the street from the equestrian center, so the vet said she would come over, give Dante some ace, and then help me walk him across the street.  He walked across the street really well, and we actually got videotaped because the vet students were going to present his case in class on Tuesday! So that was kind of cool. They even invited me to come to the vet school for class to watch, but of course I had my own classes I had to be at.

My mom drove down and met us at the hospital, they prepped Dante for his ultrasound, and began working.  I was so nervous the entire time, especially at one point because they called the surgeon in and they were talking hush-hush.  I then heard him say under his breath, "well we had a cancelation for tomorrow, so I'm not doing any surgeries tomorrow."  I was so scared.  We were supposed to be in there for an hour and a half-two hours, but after about 45 minutes, the vet came over to talk to me and told me that all the surrounding tissues around Dante's fracture looked great!  I was so relieved I started to cry a little bit.  She said the options were to just leave him on stall rest with 15 minute hand walks daily, and then re-xray in 6-8 weeks to see how the fracture looks, or to do a $2500 surgery that she didn't recommend.  We decided on stall rest, because it was easily the best option, and he's been getting hand-walked every day.  We are also leaving his hind legs wrapped, and he got 1g of bute with his grain all week this week. Last night was the first night I didn't give him any bute, so we will see how he is feeling today when I go out to give him his walk.  If his fracture looks good in a couple months, then Dante should be pasture sound, and in 6 more months after that, I should be able to get back on his back for some light riding.  I can't wait for that day.

OK!  So onto the details about my first UC Davis Hunter/Jumper Team lesson on Tuesday.  So much fun!  I rode two horses, a chestnut mustang named Reddy, and a tri-colored paint named Peaches.  Both were a lot of fun to ride and my new coach Ryan is awesome.  I can't wait for my next lesson.  We didn't jump in the lesson because he wants the horses to get back in shape since they had all summer off, but hopefully we will start doing a little jumping soon!  The team in showing in Santa Cruz next weekend.  They told me that as a freshman, I will either probably start showing at the home show January 10th, or later in March-April at the Stanford show.

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