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Dante's Cut, Abscess, and Progress

Well, just when I thought I was getting close to being able to get back onto his back, Dante cut his front leg open.  It happened over night again, because I went out one night he was fine, came back the next morning and there was blood all the way down his leg and a flap of skin hanging off the front of his cannon bone area on his left front.  I cleaned it up, but it was still incredibly hot and his whole leg was swollen.  Infection... Great.  That was a couple weeks ago, since then, it's healed up nicely and all the heat is gone, but there's still a little swelling on the medial side of that front left... I'm worried about it but I don't know what else to do.  I can't afford to have the vet out again for something un-stifle related.. So I guess we will just wait and see.  It seems to be improving, so as long as it keeps improving, I won't complain too much.

During that nightmare, I also found an open bloody abscess right on his stifle where it's fractured.  I'm not SO worried about that, I think he just had an accumulation of white blood cells that burst.. But just frustrating to see him having so many problems.  I just want my horse to be healthy!

I had him off work because of that stuff for a couple weeks, and started him back under saddle yesterday. He seemed to feel pretty good, but the more I learn about lameness.. The more and more lameness I see. I'm kind of lost right now with him and don't know what direction to go.  It's pouring rain now and supposed to continue throughout the weekend, so he might get the whole weekend off and just get a couple good groomings this weekend! We'll see! If so, then we'll just pick back up next week.


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