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Equine Endeavor

Dante Update

Well, I thought Dante was doing better because he became less lethargic and was eating normally, plus, we got his blood chemistry back and there was nothing abnormal there.  I went out to the barn today though, and he was extremely lame on his hind right leg.  Like, didn't want to walk, couldn't back up into the cross tie, didn't want to lay down.  (All of which are excessively unlike Dante.)

I don't know if he's abscessing, or if he just has stone bruises because the ground here is incredibly hard, or if something else is going on.  So, looks like Dante will be seeing the vet again soon.  :(

Update - we had him nerve blocked today 10/9, and found out that his problem is indeed higher up, and is actually his stifle.  He was going to get x-rayed today, but their machine wasn't working, so they are going to come back tomorrow while I'm in class and call me with the results later tomorrow afternoon.


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