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Dante Vet Appointment 2/25

Dante's appointment didn't go exactly how I wanted it to go.  I guess with that being said, it didn't exactly go badly either. I'm just being a big baby.

They did a physical exam on him and that went well.  He acts like such a good horse for the vet, always!  It's pretty impressive.  I guess he knows that he can get away with more when I'm with him. :) Silly horse.

They palpated his front left leg with the medial inflammation and agreed that it was right around where the splint bone is, but that they think that it is either his suspensory ligament or deep digital flexor tendon that's swollen.  They examined his lameness at the walk, and since he looks so sound at the walk in the front, they didn't see a reason to ultrasound just yet.  So although I would love to know at this point exactly what is swollen, I'm okay with waiting if he's comfortable and it will save me a couple hundred dollars.

They basically said that what most likely would happen is that I would pay for the ultrasound, they would find out what was wrong, and then they would tell me the exact same thing they were already going to tell me anyways... To keep him on stall rest with hand walking daily. So we are going to wait 4-6 weeks and hope that the swelling goes down and that his exercise can get gradually increased.  If that goes well, then we'll probably have no reason to ultrasound and he might be able to move out into a pasture/I might be able to ride him again within about 2 months. If the swelling doesn't go down, or he gets more lame, then they'll do an ultrasound and we'll go from there.

They did tell me that it looks like Dante had a previous splint bone injury in that left front leg! I didn't know that about him so that was interesting to learn.


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