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Equine Endeavor

Dante X-Rays, Sunny, & Rollison Ranch

Dante had his x-rays to check his fracture.  It looks exactly the same. I'm sort of bummed, and sort of relieved.  It's not great news, but not necessarily bad either.  We get to start to increase his exercise.  I'm going to be turning him out for about an hour daily.  If he does well, I can keep increasing it.  He'll be a happy boy.  He's still on his Stable Mix Senior + Glucosamine every day along with his smart pak.  He's barefoot in the back with shoes in the front and we finally figured out a way to get him to stay calm while having his feet done.  It turns out he just hated the farrier area at my barn, so now he just gets done in the cross ties next to his barn and is perfectly happy with that.  I also give him a little bute beforehand so that he is comfortable during the shoeing.  He's gained more weight too, just lost all his muscle so his top line doesn't look very good.  That's okay though, the hardest part is just for me.  When I look at him, I realize he's aging right before my eyes... And I have a hard time with that.  It's going to be so incredibly hard for me when I lose him.  He's such a special horse.  I love his soul with all of mine.

Sunny got a really nasty gash on his leg and had the vet out.  His wound is healing up just fine, but he was diagnosed with cushings and he's also going blind.  At this point, he only has 15% of his vision left.  Another horse I am going to have a very hard time losing.  I got to ride him 3 days ago and that made me so happy.  I'm riding him again on Friday and can't wait!  I never know what ride with him is going to be my last so I just try to enjoy all the time that I get with him.  His 30th birthday is in April, 5 days after Dante's 20th birthday.

I'm going out to Rollison today to take a lesson (hopefully riding Meg), and I also get to pick up my Rollsion Ranch jacket that has my name embroidered on it!  I can't wait to see it.  I haven't really ridden (besides hacking Sunny around) in a couple weeks since team lessons don't happen over winter break, so I'm hoping I won't ride too terribly... That would be embarrassing.


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