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Finals Week

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

This was bit of an odd week, because I ended up at the barn more than intended. I intended to spend more time studying for finals, but it worked out okay because the experiences I got this week were pretty unique and applicable to how things would be in "real life" (outside of university).

On Monday morning when I arrived to the barn, Kelli was cold hosing Smarty's front right leg because it had some medial swelling that she believes was from paddling on the phantom over the weekend. Afterwards, she showed Anthony how to standing wrap. From now on, we will be keeping his fronts wrapped and doing cold hosing morning and night, as well as 1g of bute morning and night for a couple of days to see if the swelling goes down.

We began palpating and started with Shemariah, who foaled on Monday of last week, to see where she was at in respect to her foal heat. She is growing up a follicle, so we will keep palpating her to track her ovulation, but will not be breeding her on her foal heat since we aren't sure what stallion we will be breeding her to. After Shemariah, we brought in Stockings and Rockville. I scanned Stockings while Kelli did Rockville. We will be trying to synchronize Stockings to Celine's cycle so that she is able to be a recipient for Celine. She didn't have much going on today, just some medium follicles.

Rockville, on the other hand, was much more exciting. We did find a twin, her vesicle from last week had grown, and then we found another smaller one. We called the therio department at the UC Davis VMTH and the vets came out to regress one of the vesicles. After an hour or so, they were able to regress the larger follicle. We started Rockville on regumate and she will get scanned again Wednesday to see how she looks.

Coco and Roz came in next.

Roz ovulated, which works out well because she will be bred to Im the Town Sleeper, an appendix stallion who will be coming in for management on April 2nd. We will scan her again on April 2nd and see where she is at.

Coco is about to ovulate, and has a size 43mm follicle which is about what she usually ovulates. We gave her an ovulatory agent (sucramate) and will be doing every 6hr checks on her until she ovulates. We have one dose of frozen semen for her from a fancy western pleasure bred stallion, so we want to use it immediately after she ovulates.

I took a study break, and then came back to the barn around 4:30PM to cold hose and wrap the stallion and palpate Coco. She hadn't ovulated at 5, so Jake & Anthony scanned her at 11PM and I volunteered for the 5AM Tuesday morning scan if no ovulation.

Tuesday morning I woke up bright and early around 4AM, made it to Starbucks for a chai at 4:30, and then met Julia at the barn around 5 to palpate & ultrasound Coco. Still no ovulation, so I ended up scanning her again on Tuesday at 11AM and 5PM, with no success. Jake & Julia scanned her at 11PM Tuesday night with still no ovulation!

Finally, at 5AM Wednesday morning when I checked, Coco had a CL on her left ovary from ovulating. I called Kelli and we bred her to a frozen dose of John Simon, an APHA stud. We checked her again Wednesday afternoon to be sure she didn't accumulate any fluid from the AI, and she hadn't, thank goodness (for my sanity).

Between Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, I palpated the most mares I ever have. I feel like my skill level has improved so much from that though, which is great.

Wednesday, we collected Smarty for a cooled test. He took several times to mount, again. This time it was six mounts, with a break after the first three. I collected him, and it was way more of a workout than I was ready for! My arm ached for several days after, but I was glad it was my left and not my right arm - since my right arm needed to be in tact for final exam taking! His collection was good quality and we made 6 breeding doses - 2 each with three different kinds of extender. We planned to check them 24 and 48 hours after the collection to check how they would do if they were shipped.

Thursday and Friday I stayed away from the barn as much as possible to get studying done and take my two finals. I didn't do as well as I would have liked on my finals, but that's okay. Smarty ended up going home on Friday, but is supposed to return sometime in April.

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