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Fractured Tibia

The vet called today after Dante was x-rayed.  He has a fractured tibia, specifically his intercondylar eminence is fractured.  Basically the vet told me there were 2 options.  Well, first he needs to be taken into the hospital and needs to have a sonogram done to check out all the soft tissue around the fracture and see how that looks.  From there, if it looks okay, then he will be put on stall rest strictly for the next few weeks, after about 3 weeks, he will be able to have light hand walking, and it will increase from there to get him to the point where he is pasture sound and comfortable.  If his soft tissue isn't looking good, and he has damaged ligaments and other parts of his stifle, he will either have to have surgery or be put down.  I'm struggling with what the right thing to do is.  I would go the surgery route in a heartbeat, but my family and I just don't have the money.  So for now, Dante is locked inside his 12x12 stall and is on 2g of bute.  The vet is going to call me Monday to try to set up his next appointment, and then we will be going from there with what to do next.


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