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Last Two Nights at Rollison

Although I was only working at Rollison Ranch for the past month or so... There are seriously not enough good things I can say about that place.  It is hands down, without a doubt, the best run barn I have ever been at.  After I graduate from Davis, I would absolutely board Dante there.  Even in the future, when I have my next horse I would board and train there!

On Tuesday night I had my last lesson (for now) with Kim on Meg.  I got there at 4:30 because I thought my lesson was 5-6... Turns out it was 4-5.  Whoops.  Kim was awesome about it and told me to just grab Meg and tack up real quick and join the lesson!  She let me warm her up on my own and then join in for 45 minutes of jumping.  Well, Meg was in heat, and in general she's a pretty forward jumper.  We jumped 3-4 courses which were all pretty good and really fun...But on the lines towards her pasture she was running through my hands, fast.  I had to pretty much half halt her in the middle of every line to get her to pay attention to me.  It was a breath of fresh air though, because with Dante I never really had to use my hands!  He was so light, and more often resistant than forward, so I was always using leg.  Kim was so sweet after the lesson, and told me I should come back as often as I can, and whenever I'm home on break! I'm definitely planning on it, and I'm planning on being out there all summer next summer working off lessons and hopefully showing with them!  If I ride Meg next summer in lessons, as of right now I'm the only person who rides her, and I would potentially be able to show her all summer!  Seriously I was so happy when I found that out, because then I could not only have Dante, but also be able to show again!  I adore Meg too, so I really hope that it all works out for me for next year.

Last night was my last night working and it was bittersweet!  I really love all the working students out there, the riders, the horses, and of course, Kim too!  I really hope that I can spend a lot of time out there in the future, because it's such a positive place and I really felt like I belonged out there!  So many people told me "We're going to miss you!" and a few even said along the lines of "Trust me, you'll be missed, Kim loves you!  She loves your attitude and loves that you are serious about riding!"  That made me so happy.  Kim even gave me a hug when I left.


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