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Lesson on Meg

For my second lesson at Rollison Ranch, I got to ride a big gray warmblood mare named Meg!  (She was the one I thought I was going to ride for my first lesson.)  So, Kim had told me that she was more difficult to ride than Echo, that she pulled a lot, etc etc.  I'm not sure if maybe Echo and I just didn't get along super well, but I loved Meg! Like, based off of that 1 ride we had together, I would buy her if I could. She was really good on the flat and over fences (even though we just did small stuff!)  Her weakness is trotting fences, because she gets excited and always wants to throw a canter stride in before the jump, but it's still a smooth ride.  We worked on getting her to calmly trot fences for quite awhile, and by the end of the night she already improved a lot!  I'm hoping that I get to ride her for my next couple lessons at Rollison before I leave for school.

I am thinking that once I start school since I will be interning at the UC Davis Center for Equine Health that I should make a separate blog that is completely dedicated to horse health and what I'm learning!  That way maybe my readers can learn something new, and that way I can remember what I learned myself.  This blog I will keep, and just dedicate it to Dante and to my riding/college show team stuff.


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