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Equine Endeavor

Los Lagos Lesson & Dante Update

I rode at Los Lagos a week ago on March 22nd, it was such a great ride! I rode Heather Kelly's horse Baby and we had so much fun. Our flat work was basic but I worked a lot on getting her in a frame. It was really difficult for me and I had to work a lot at it! I was so blessed with Dante because he has such a gorgeous natural frame. I never really had to work at it, he always just took care of me! So it was really great that I got to work on it for awhile last weekend.  Baby was so much fun to jump.  We started going over rails on the ground, then cavalettis, and then jumped. We did it line by line and then pieced it all together so that I got to do the entire course she had had her students working on that week. There was a grid consisting of 3 jumps with a stride between each, and then there was a barrel jump, and then there were 3 other lines that we did after that.  The last line was super awkward,  I got a super deep spot to the first one and then got launched over the second one. I came around and did the last line once more and took a different approach and it was beautiful, Baby even got the perfect striding! 

Dante is just hanging out on stall rest. We get out every day and graze for 30-60 minutes and I always  completely groom him and then grain him. He's doing pretty well, the edema on his belly is completely gone and the heat and swelling on his front leg seems to be going down.


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