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Equine Endeavor

Meeting the Foals

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

This week on the stallion manager front was a bit more productive than last week. Protege and I got to know one another better since I saw him every day this week. He got out for grooming and handwalking each day since the arena is still too wet for work. He continues to make me laugh with his incredibly goofy and dare I say, "smart-ass" personality.

On Tuesday, I spent quite a bit of time with all the foals since it was trim day with the farrier. It's been nice getting to know the foals and the foal managers, it seems like a strong team this year. The other three stud managers are great too, and it's been cool to get to hangout with them and their stud, Dun. Out of all the foals, I am really fond of Starlano. I love a plain bay, and he's an Azteca, so he's a pretty fancy colt. He's also incredibly shy/reserved, which makes me like him even more since he's a bit of a challenge. I have a pipe dream that I will be able to buy him when he comes up for sale. In June of each year, UCD hosts a production sale where we sell our progeny - so all of the 2017 foals will be sold there.

As the week progressed, Protege continued to get better for me on the ground and has been quite respectful until today (Friday), where he was a huge handful. He took the halter out of my hands and wouldn't give it back when I went to catch him this morning. (Pictured below!) Since he is a donkey and so much different than a horse, I honestly just don't even know how to respond to him sometimes! A donkey has a stronger "fight" instinct than "flight", whereas horses are the opposite. So it's quite challenging to work with when you aren't used to that kind of animal. One of my supervisors is incredible with donkeys so I am hoping to get her help me improve my skills.

This weekend I will be around the barn too doing chores - feeding, cleaning Pro's paddock, and raking the hay barn, but those things aren't as exciting to write about.

Pictured below: Protege, Dun Walla Walla, and a picture of Starlano that doesn't do his handsomeness any justice


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