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Equine Endeavor

Moving Out

So many changes going to be happening in this next month for me, and Dante too!

I started my working student position yesterday at Rollison Ranch, and it went really well! I met a lot of people and get to work with 3 other really nice working students! I cleaned paddocks and stalls, swept down the barn aisle, grained horses, and bathed 2 horses.  I work again Friday night, and then have my first lesson Saturday morning at 11:00AM.   I'm going to be so out of shape and so rusty.  But that's okay!  That's why I'm there right?  I just want to be in-shape enough to try out for the UCD Hunter/Jumper Team in October.  I'm going to try to get pictures of the lesson so I can post some.

Sunday I'm heading to Shandoni Ranch for the day to cheer on my barn friends who are competing/be the photographer for the day/shine boots and horses.

Dante moves to the UCD Equestrian Center on Monday, so we are doing a lot to prepare for that (even though he has no idea haha).  I want him to look presentable, so I'm going to clean him up a bit and trim his man-beard at some point today or tomorrow. I have to clean out 2 tack rooms of stuff, and his feed room.  I also have to go to our local feed store and pick up 3-4 bags of grain for him that I can take with us, and I have to worm him before we move! I may go out later tonight and have a little photoshoot with him... Just cause that sounds kinda fun!

I have 3 or 4 people so far who want to be pen pals with me once I leave for college, so that's awesome!  If anybody else does, read my last post, leave a comment, or message me on Instagram!

The arena I will be riding in and lessoning in for the next month, at Rollison Ranch


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