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New Farrier

Dante got shod by our new farrier in Davis on Thursday morning at 9:00.  I absolutely love him!  He's a super nice and genuine person, and very interested in each individual horse and helping them be the most comfortable they can be.  Which is very important to me as Dante's owner!  I would recommend him to anybody in the area.  We talked about several things, among them being:  Getting Dante a complete and comprehensive exam with a lameness specialist, having more x-rays done, putting aluminum shoes on him, having him go barefoot, etc.  This time, we just shod him normally with 4 iron shoes.  It was so, so, so very heartbreaking for me to watch.  Dante was so uncomfortable and in so much pain from all of his joints being tweaked for extended periods of time.  After his right hind was shod and put down on the ground, he didn't even want to walk on it and was limping.  We checked to see if the farrier had got him with a nail, but he was just resistant to flex his fetlock joint. :(

He's feet look very good now, and he's walking normally again.  I want to have that right hind x-rayed in the hock and specifically the fetlock to see what's going on.  I'm assuming it's just more arthritis.  He's living in a stall right now, but I'm going to call on Monday to put him on a waitlist to be boarded in a pasture.  Their pastures are beautiful and cleaned daily, and the horses get fed separately!  After he gets moved into one of those, I'll have more money and I'm planning on buying him a SmartPak for his joints to go along with the StableMix Senior he already gets.  Hopefully the increased movement in the pasture and the supplements will help him feel more comfortable!  As for the shoes, since he is retired and doesn't jump anymore, I think next time I'm going to pull off the hind shoes so he doesn't have to have anymore traumatic experiences, and put aluminum shoes on his fronts!

So stressful watching your baby age!  I love him so much and just hope I can make the rest of his life happy and comfortable!

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