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Rollison Ranch, Dante Updates, & Other Exciting Things

For those of you who have been reading my most recent Instagram posts and know that I've been sick the past few days, I still am! It's been what, 4 days now? Maybe 5?  I'm not really sure but I'm over it.  I've been laying at home watching Robin Williams movies and eating PB&J.  What do you guys do when you're sick?

Luckily for me, I got to go out and visit Dante twice since I've been sick, and I got to go out and meet the trainer at Rollison Ranch to talk about a working student position yesterday which was pretty exciting.  I also gave notice to my barn that Dante will be leaving and heading to UC Davis with me!

I'll start with my Dante visits which were pretty good.  The first visit I had with him was 3 nights ago and I was so sick that Jon (basically my boyfriend... But that's a whole different story) drove me and wouldn't let me get out of the car.  So, being the wonderful and sweet person that he is, he got Dante out and walked him over to the car so I could pet him and give him kisses.  Then, he took Dante to the turn out and turned him out to run.  I was sitting there coughing and sneezing and dying, and then I happened to look up to check on Jon and Dante, and I see Jon (who is a track star and pretty fast) sprinting across the field with Dante galloping beside him.  I don't know if I have ever smiled so big before, it was seriously one of the cutest things I've ever seen! He didn't even know I was watching which made it even cuter.  They ran around and played for about 15 minutes, and then Jon walked him back and gave him his grain, got in the car, and told me, "Dante is so cute! He was following me around and cantering after me! We both got a good workout!" I melted. So precious.

Yesterday morning, I got to go out for a short visit and actually got out of the car! Jon went with me again to be my camera man, and we turned Dante out together.  He tried to get Dante to run with him again and Dante wasn't having it.  I was laughing so hard because Dante was ignoring him so badly!  I tried to play with him too, but he wanted nothing to do with me.  I was pretty insulted... So I left the turn out and hid behind a trailer.  Dante got so extremely upset and started cantering around, squealing, and neighing.  I waited about 5 minutes, then came back, and then Dante was ready to play.  He followed us both around for awhile.  After that, I got him to lay down in front of me!  He's done it one other time, but this time I actually started it and was kind of asking him to do it!  I'm definitely looking forward to working on that with him... It's the cutest when he lays down, and it would be cool if he could do it on command.  It's a pretty big deal for Dante, because he's a very nervous horse, and he won't lay down unless he feels 100% safe, or if he has another horse by him that's standing up.  So it's nice to know that he feels safe with me around.

At 2:00PM yesterday, I went out to Rollison Ranch to meet the trainer there, Kim Rollison.  I've never been to her facility before but I loved it!  Very simple, but so nicely laid out and so usable.  And a nice jumping arena!  Which I'm definitely okay with.  Her horses there are also.... Wow.  I talked to her for about a half hour and she filled me in on the "working student" program she has.  Basically I work out there 8 hours a week and get lessons out of it.  So, of course, I'm super excited and tell her I would love to do it, but that I am leaving for college September 27th, so I could only do it for this next month. She then proceeded to tell me "I only take students who can work a minimum of at least 3 months."  I was pretty bummed, because I really want to get in riding shape before trying to join the hunter/jumper team at UC Davis.  We kept talking and a few minutes later she says, "You know what, I never do this, but what the hell.  I like you, you seem good.  I'll take you."  I was so excited, but she's one of those super gruff old horsewomen so I didn't want to seem too excited.  I thanked her graciously.  She told me I could start work next Wednesday, August 27th!  So I will start work then, and then Kim said she would give me a private lesson where she will assess my riding, and based off of that I may have the opportunity of riding a lot more horses if she thinks I'm good enough to do so.  She told me 3+ times before I left "Well, it's too bad that you are going to school.  Maybe we can work something out where you can still come once a week after school starts, I would be happy to have you work and give you lessons still."  She was so nice to me.  I can't wait to start.


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