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Equine Endeavor

Stud Manager Week 19

Things have been getting so jumbled lately - I am so busy I don't have time to keep up my blog unless I am up at odd hours of the night. (Which is nearly impossible for me. I love my sleep). For week 19, I only wrote notes down for Monday - Wednesday, so unfortunately... My stud manager endeavors of Thursday and beyond are forgotten.


In the morning during our stud manager meeting, we had a Protege collection to be shipped to a client. I collected and Julia handled. It was Julia's first time handling Protege I believe (possibly second...?) and it was probably our smoothest Pro collection so far. He was quite slow to drop but once he dropped he was good for hygiene and only had to mount the phantom once. He gave us a low volume and concentration for him, but still decent in comparison to say, Dun. Immediately after evaluating the semen I had to leave for class. The other three made up the doses and shipped them off.

After class in the evening, the pack team had a 90 minute packing practice session with all four members - Bobbi Sue, Jacob, Olivia, and myself. Jacob and I got the quickest tandem pack time -1:14. By the end of the hour and a half, Stockings had had enough of us throwing the rope and cinching up loads.


Shavings! Checked plumb, planned originally to breed her to an Andalusian, then Kelli decided instead to breed her to Dun. She had a 38 and it was day 9 of foal heat, so he collected Dun and bred her and gave sucramate. I handled Dun and he was awesome, stood for the hygiene and wasn’t too mouthy. Took one mount. His semen was very low concentration but he gave us a decent volume.. we teased 7 mares, too, and then after class Jake and I tacked Protege up for Caleb to ride again. This time English. Caleb jumped him over some small jumps and then had me get on and do the same. Jake knows I don’t like to ride without a helmet and was seeet and brought me over a helmet in the middle of my ride. I walk trot cantered pro and then took him over the jump at the trot and once at the canter. He was good both times, so then I walked him down and dismounted. I had a good conversation with Caleb, he seems like a really cool guy. I came out later and cleaned Protégés pen


Wednesday morning I fed breakfast (for the second time ever) with Janelle. Janelle brought me Starbucks and I got Sleeper’s stall cleaned. After finishing that, I got Plumb out and checked her for ovulation to se if we needed to collect Dun again or not. She ovulated, so we did not have to collect Dun again. I went to class, and when I came back, we ran a Protégé collection. It was my first time doing a Protégé collection in quite some time. Julia handled him for the first time and I collected. He was so good. He mounted only once, and came onto the phantom really straight.


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