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UC Davis Schooling Show & Dante

Dante turned 20 on April 12th and we celebrated by taking pictures, seeing each other twice in one day, and by eating a lot of carrots and apples! The day before his birthday was rough. I showed up to the barn and he was significantly limping in the front.  I had a really hard time deciding if it was his front right or left though, because sometimes when there's cold spikes in the weather his right knee will bother him significantly. The limp looked to me like it was more likely from his ligament injury on his left front though. I was so worried... He was on 1g of bute for a week, and now he has been off of bute for a week and he seems to be doing much better. I've kept him a little more contained to his stall, and that seems to be helping. The swelling on the left front has gone down almost completely on the lateral side, and now just the medial side is swollen.  The veterinarian told me that it may never revert back to normal, so a little improvement is amazing! The heat seems to be almost all the way gone as well. So that is great news! It makes me so happy to see him improving. He's never lived in a stall while I've had him either, so this is the first year where his summer coat is coming in after being in a stall all winter, and he looks absolutely gorgeous. The best he has looked in years! His coat is so shiny and soft, and he has dapples all over his skin. His beauty amazes me every day.

Last weekend I went to watch a horse show at my first barn, Gold Country... and that was interesting! I went to watch Felicia ride Duke, and they did amazingly. I was a little disappointed because I was actually a little excited to return to GCEC for the first time since I moved Dante, but almost everybody I had grown up with weren't very friendly with me. About 3 or 4 people were nice, but aside from that I got the cold shoulder. I understand that moving barns changes things, but it made me pretty sad that it's been over a year and they couldn't all just be nice to me! The people who were nice were great though and it was great to see them. :)

This past Wednesday night I had a hunter/jumper team meeting and I ran to be fundraising coordinator.  I had to give a little speech, and my speech was easily the worst out of everyones.  I also had to run against two upperclassmen.. So we will see how I fair when the poll is revealed! If I didn't get the position, I'll just run again next year. I really want to be an officer for the team. Good news though, I found out that the team is loaning me Ziggy for the day, so I can ride in the UC Davis schooling show on May 9th! Ziggy is definitely one of the greatest horses on the team, so I can't believe that I get to ride him! I am so excited. I have to work the registration booth in the morning from 8-11 on show day, and then my flat classes with Zig will start around noon. So it will be a very busy day! May 9th is also mine and Dante's 7th anniversary, so I will have to see him at some point too. Thankfully, the UC Davis horse show is at the equestrian center Dante is boarded at. It's going to be such a fun day!


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